Friday, 21 September 2012

Cupboard Pizza

Friday nights are Movie Nights. I love movie night. We all bicker about pick which film we want to watch, pull out the beanbags, turnout the lights and watch while we pig out on Cupboard Pizza and freshly popped popcorn. It's sheer delight.

We normally watch a Disney film and, in the spirit of the experiment, I voted for watching one of the classic movies like Cinderella or Snow White. But since they've watched them so many times even K can repeat them word for word, I got outvoted (well actually I got booed at but it meant the same thing). Instead we watched Tangled and it was a hoot. K fell in love with Maximus the horse, S loved all the hitting on the head with frying pans (a little too much if you ask me) and D, for all his complaining that "it's a girl's movie", was laughing hardest of all.

Disney's Tangled on DVD

Cupboard Pizza is a bit of a family tradition. It started when we stopped ordering in pizza, because quite frankly it gets a pricey week after week, but I had forgotten to buy any frozen pizzas from the supermarket. So I used up the last of the yeast and bread flour to make a base and set the kids loose in the cupboard to find ingredients to go on top. We put it all in our largest roasting dish and ended up with a HUGE deep pan pizza. The first time we were quite lucky. It was barbecue sauce, left over roast chicken, sliced ham, pineapple and cheese. We haven't always been so lucky. They seem to be a little obsessed with pickle and sweetcorn, and Spam. Together. I drew the line at chocolate spread and breakfast cereal.

During the 1950s, watching home movies would have been possible on a projector but commercial films certainly wouldn't. We would have had to go to the cinema. However, there will only be modern films available to watch at our local theatre and the cost would be astronomical. So after discussing it with Mr H, we have decided that as I go on through the experiment, we will keep Movie Night at home but restrict the films to those that were available before or during the 1950s. It's not a perfect solution (if the booing is anything to go by) but it's important family time that I'm not willing to give up for the sake of whimsy. Now I've just got to find some family friendly films...

Mrs H x


  1. I love tangled, I was introduced to it by my two very young goddaughters who are (no exaggeration) utterly obsessed by it! I love the idea of a Movie night, much more economical the cinema, especially as you can make your own popcorn! I can only think of a few, pre 60's films which aren't Disney, Wizard of Oz, National Velvet, but I am sure there are loads out there! Good Luck with it!

  2. Wizard of Oz, of course! I can't believe I forgot that one. I loved that film as a little girl.