Saturday, 22 September 2012

Feeling At Home At Home

It has only been four days granted, but I'm really enjoying dressing smart and wearing make-up. It makes a real difference to how I feel about myself and how I present myself. When I'm properly dressed I feel confident and put together. I don't slouch or talk like a slob. I make the effort to stay looking nice. I wear rubber gloves and aprons, I'm more careful when I eat and when I'm looking after the children, to avoid spills or stains. When I'm dressed, rather than in my pyjamas or scruffs, I feel ready to work regardless of how early or late it may be and no matter how the house may look or the kids may play up, I feel like I can handle it.

That being said, there are times when a pencil skirt and stockings may not be the best choice of clothing. Last night being one of those times. Trying to sit on a bean bag in said stockings and skirt, not to mention a tight belt and... um... 'supportive' undergarments, was tricky to say the least. I struggled to get down onto the floor, then once on the bag I couldn't sit without tilting to one side or the other, then when I tried to get up I had to roll in a very ungainly fashion onto my front to bring myself up into a kneeling position first. I was like an upturned turtle and I can't say I was any better curled up in the armchair. Needless to say D and S were crying with laughter. Eventually, and rather sulkily, I changed into my pyjamas and spent most of the film hoping that no-one came to the door.

But I have a solution! I have bought myself a couple of rather nifty vintage patterns, one for a jumpsuit and one for a simple shift dress. They're actually from the 1960s but they're in my size and were an absolute steal!

Bought from Melancholy Junebug Vintage Delights

I'm going to follow the indomitable Mrs Fogarty's advice and make these into my At Home outfits. According to her wife dressing guide, these outfits should be "extravagant, the over-all ensemble being one you could not possibly wear outside your own home". So I am going to make myself ones, with co-ordinating turbans, in fabulously over-the-top fabrics like chinese brocade trimmed with fur, velvet or even pink satin trimmed in marabou to wear as I float around my home and recline glamorously on the furniture. Well maybe not the floating or reclining but it certainly would add a bit of vintage glamour when I'm curled up in my favourite armchair with a cup of cocoa.

Mrs H x

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