Friday, 28 September 2012


I am nothing if adventurous in my cooking. Often it works well. I've 'discovered' some fabulous recipes like Welsh cake cookies, Jaffa cake cupcakes, CFK (fried chicken that D named Crunchy Fried Kitten - he's a pleasant child) and McMummy's breakfasts. But not always. Mr H can testify to the vileness that was stuffed baked cabbage and D will never let me forget the exploding chocolate cake. So when I announced to the family that, for a change, we would not be having pizza for movie night but instead a retro recipe that I had found, well lets just say they weren't exactly thrilled.

The recipe I had found was this:

Campbells recipe poster
From 'Hey, My Mom Used To Make That'

And for all their grumbling when I brought it to the table, they loved it. They even complained when there wasn't enough for seconds. I was filled with housewifely pride that they liked my food so much that they wanted more. (Not exactly an everyday occurrence - see stuffed cabbage above.)

It also boosted my culinary confidence too. Perhaps I should be making more adventurous retro meals. Looking at some of the advertisements and recipes from the 1950s, man those ladies knew how to combine their flavours! Next on my list are these divine looking numbers:

All from 'Hey, My Mom Used To Make That'

I'm sure Mr H will be thrilled!

Mrs H x

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