Thursday, 20 September 2012

Or Maybe Not

Today started off so well. I woke up early and made the effort to dress nicely in a mid-calf plaid pencil skirt, chartreuse cardigan (both gifts from my fabulous uber-stylish mother) and added a bit of 1950s flair with a wide black patent belt, matching heels and pearls. But that was about as long as it lasted.

I had decided last night that, for breakfast, I was going to make these. I mean who doesn't love bacon and pancakes, so putting the two together must be twice as good right?

Best cookbooks and recipe cards from readers vintage collections.

Well, firstly I had forgotten to put the dishwasher on overnight (did they have dishwashers in the 1950s?) and so the big frying pan was still dirty from the day before. And then whilst I was fishing it out I managed to get my sleeve covered in custard, but that was okay because as I was washing it up I managed to soak the same sleeve, removing the custard but replacing it with greasy water instead. Not that I should have bothered because it's so old and awful that everything I tried to fry in it stuck like glue, so I ended up having to make mini-pancakes in the tiny frying pan which is just big enough to fry an egg. Needless to say, I ended up waaaay behind schedule.

Of course, whilst I was struggling (and turning the air blue) in the kitchen, the children were beautifully behaved and helpful. Yeah, didn't sound likely did it. S decided that she wanted to wear her party dress to school (a beautiful handmade pink silk frock with a matching petticoat and crystal organza overlay, another beautiful gift from my mother) and threw the tantrum of all tantrums trying to get her own way. Whilst D just wouldn't get out of bed, even when threatened with a wet flannel and a water spray, and by the time I had dealt with them, I realised that K had climbed into the kitchen cupboard and was working her way through a jar of pickles. Aaaaargh!

But we got there eventually. By 8 'o'clock we were all dressed and clean and wolfing down bacon pancakes. Admittedly, I didn't have time to put any make-up on or do my hair until after I had done the school run and the kitchen (and the bedrooms, and the bathroom, and everywhere else in the darned house) was a disaster area but we got to school on time, remembered all the bookbags and lunchboxes, were dressed smartly and had a proper cooked breakfast instead of just rice crispies. So I suppose I should really class this morning as a success. I suppose. Or maybe not.

Mrs H x


  1. I'd say its definitely a successes, I can bearly get myself ready for work on time, let alone having 3 kiddies to get ready and cook a brekkie, my hat is well and truly off to you! It does sounds like a scene out of a Dorris Day film, and don't think you can get much more 50's housewife than that :)
    Shuddering though, at the thought of the cold flannel, I remember that only too well, as a very sleepy child :) x

  2. Thank you Wendy. I'm tickled that I sound like a Doris Day film. That's really made my day!

    I too was a sleepy child, that's how I know the wet flannel works! As did my mother's threats to send me to school in my pyjamas. Thankfully it never come to that, because I'm not sure she wouldn't have done it!