Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pin Curls And Pampering

Now I don't think I am a slob. I never went out unwashed or in dirty clothes but I was certainly one for the bare face and scraped back ponytail. However, I can't get away with that now. Ooh no. It is my wifely duty to be groomed and presentable for my husband's approval. And it's a bit of a shock to the system I can tell you!

Beauty Schedule For Busy Young Wives,  Today's Woman magazine 1952

The guide I'm going to use is the beauty schedule above (as well as masses of Youtube tutorials), until I find something more comprehensive. I'm going to do it, day by day throughout the week, just like the guide says but since Date Night is coming up shortly I decided to cram the whole week's grooming into one delicious evening of pampering.

Mr H, who is always keen to spoil me, took charge of the children's bedtime routine and I was free to soak in a bubble filled tub for a couple of hours. I relaxed, I read my book, I washed and set my hair in pins, I put on a facemask, I defuzzed, gave myself a manicure and I even put cucumber slices over my eyes. I don't know what that does exactly, but I see it on the telly all the time, so it must be good! I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I will say this, whilst I do like the look of my newly tamed eyebrows, OWWWWW! It hurt so much! There must be a better way of doing it than yanking out each individual hair with tweezers! I mean good grief!

Painful eyebrow plucking aside, I feel much better. I was never always convinced on the benefits of fussing with one's appearance but I am now officially a convert. I feel sharper and more confident. I also look better. My skin is clearer, my eyes look brighter and I think it will actually help me have more time in the morning because I can wear less make-up but still look polished. I wonder how well I'll sleep on these pins...

Mrs H x

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