Sunday, 30 September 2012

Think Pink!

I am sorry that I've left it a couple of days without posting. Again. I know. I am a bad bad blogger. But in my defense I was in absolutely no fit state to type last night. You see, out of the blue, Mr H's mother and father offered to have all three children overnight and so we had an impromptu night out! Not bad for a couple that normally only go out together one or twice every six months!

We were so taken aback that we didn't know where to go or what to do, but in the end we decided on a meal at our local Italian restaurant, where we were served by real live actual Italians! Talk about a novelty! It was wonderful, the food was divine (and apparently award winning but I couldn't tell you what award) and the staff were really fun and friendly. I even enjoyed the decor, which was to my mind rather 1950s Atomic Era but Mr H just thought it looked like an Ikea had exploded.

Well I was enjoying myself so much (and here comes the excuse) that I decided to have a little drinkypoo. I should explain at this point that, generally, I don't drink. I don't have any objection to alcohol and certainly don't object to anyone else enjoying a tipple, I just prefer not to imbibe myself. I'm not all that keen on the taste and, unless I am eating at the same time and really in the mood, I just end up feeling headachy and sick. The only time I tend to drink is to have Baileys or Babysham at Christmas (yes, I am just that classy) or the occasional half of cider at a summer barbeque, and that has the consequence that it only takes one or two drinks before I am under the table. Which I was. Last night. Very quickly. <blush>

Sadly this it NOT what I looked like last night.

Needless too say, I was a like a bear with a very sore head this morning. But I couldn't let it slow me down, after all I had lots of 1950s housewifey type things to be doing. So I set about trying to quieten the masses of insanely large hammers inside my head. 

First I tried a Virgin Mary. I heard somewhere that Bloody Marys were brilliant at curing hangovers, but nothing on God's green earth was going to make me drink vodka at 8am, so I just stuck to mixing tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper and a celery stick. It didn't work. Not even a bit. In fact, I think I felt worse. Bleaugh.

Next I listened to my Dad's advice (which quite frankly I should do more often, that way I wouldn't get into these messes in the first place) and downed a pint of water. This did help a little, in that it didn't feel like my tongue was covered in sand anymore, but it probably would have helped more if I had drunk it before going to bed and it probably would have meant that I wouldn't have spent all morning with my stomach sounding like a washing machine.

Then I tried Mr H's solution. He cooked me a fried breakfast of black pudding, bacon and beans, and then hovered around me optimistically as I ate. I really wish he hadn't because it meant I had to eat all of it. Every last grease-laden bite. Double bleaugh.

Schiaparelli Nail Polish Advert
From 'Musings From Marilyn'

In the end, I settled for the tried and tested Think Pink technique. Which basically involves pink. Anything pink. Everything pink. I read somewhere that pink is meant to sooth fractious nerves (I really do read some crap), so when I am feeling rotten I surround myself with pink. I wore pink, painted my nails pink, drank VERY strong coffee out of my pink heart-shaped cup and saucer, bought pink iced cupcakes from the supermarket and I even dyed my hair the most fabulous shade of Schiaperelli pink.

Yeah, okay so I may have got a bit carried away with the pink hair but now I feel on top of the world. I only hope the feeling continues when I have to scrub clean my now-pink bathroom. Whoops!

Mrs H x


  1. Aww it's a shame your DH's greasy breakfast idea didn't work! That's normally my go-to for a hangover (although I haven't had one of them in a LONG time).

    Water, rest, and a packet of Frozen Peas on top of your head (yes, the top of your head, not your forehead! Looks silly but does wonders!) usually does the trick as well!

    I'm glad you had a great night out- even if you were paying for it in the morning :)

    Stay Glamorous!

    xxx Lottie Lee

  2. Oh I hope your feeling better now, pink hair will certainly help that! Oh and your not alone, I am hopeless with alcohol, I'd love to be able to demurely sip at a fancy cocktail at a swanky bar, but I am afraid one sip I and I am merry, two and I'm away with the fairies, though I seem to always get amnesia about this just before I order! I doubt I'll ever learn! x