Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Time For A Change


I'm Mrs H. 

I'm writing this blog to document and share my journey from a flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants scruffbag to organised, immaculately presented, always cheerful, 1950s housewife. Or not, as the case may be.

I am an at-home wife to Mr H. We started dating in school and have been married for almost forever. He is scarily smart and endlessly reasonable. He is my perfect foil and the centre of my world. 

I am also a mother to a fabulous son, D aged 10, and two beautiful daughters, S aged 4 and K aged 2. They are loud, messy and the greatest adventure of my life. 

I spend every moment of free time I have knitting, baking and sewing. I live for the old-fashioned like drinking tea out of teacups and saucers, embroidered tablecloths, handwritten letters, brown paper parcels and vintage patterns. I wear fur but I lie when anyone asks because I don't want to be covered in red paint! I am technically overweight but Mr H loves my upholstery and, more importantly, so do I. My mother is my best friend and I'm happiest when we go out together for tea and cake and a good old gossip. 

We are a fairly traditional household, in that we have clearly defined roles. My husband is the head of our household. He is in charge of the finances, taking care of the D.I.Y and has the final word on all big family decisions. I am the heart of our household. I am in charge of the laundry, cleaning, cooking and taking care of the children. Although I must point out that Mr H is an incredibly involved hands-on father, taking every opportunity to help with homework, bath times, bed times and nappies. My children are all expected to work in and around the house, D has more 'grown up' jobs like mowing the lawn and washing the car whilst S and K have 'little girl' jobs like making the beds and hanging out the washing, and we are passionate in raising them with the ethics of hard work, humility and honesty. (Manners and modesty go a long way too in my book.)

Well that's the theory. Sounds quite quiet and calm doesn't it? The reality is far far different. It's generally bedlam. We rush around like headless chickens, always late in the mornings and flopping into bed exhausted at night. It's time for a change.

So, and this is where the blog comes in, I am going to take my love of all things 1950s to change things for the better. I giving myself a year to change the cacophonous chaos to a sunshine vision of beautifully cooked healthy meals, children with immaculate table manners, clean tidy rooms filled with cut flowers and lastly a calm and smiling housewife in pretty dresses and even prettier aprons.  

I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I will. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Mrs H x

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