Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hello Again

I've finally sorted out the darned Internet, well at least I think I have, and I'm back. Hello!

It has been a busy few days for me.

Wednesday was, well, an unmitigated disaster. I was probably lulled into a false sense of security by how well Tuesday went, what with the dinner and the kids going to bed early. But the following morning...

Sadly, this IS what I looked like on Wednesday morning.

For some reason everyone woke up late and it just got worse from there. Whilst I was cooking breakfast D and S sheepishly turned up holding out their school uniforms for mending. D needed a patch over a hole at the knee and S had to have the buttons sewn back on her pinafore. I mean good grief! They didn't come home looking like that! By the time I'd spilled the coffee, burnt the bacon, sewn their clothes and dragged Mr H, who just wouldn't get up, out of bed kicking and screaming, I was about ready to throw in the towel. I managed to pull it together, just about, by the time that Mr H came home. Dinner was an hour late and the kids didn't stop fussing until 10pm, but they ate and they slept, so I'm claiming a victory!

Thursday was a much better day - not that it could have got much worse! D had another school trip. This time the lucky beggar went off to the National History Museum in London followed by dinner at Planet Hollywood, a trip to Ripley's Believe It or Not and then the next day he went to see...

He came home Friday absolutely buzzing. In fact he's still leaping about now. He can't stop talking about the wizard chess statues and Diagon Alley and the cupboard under the stairs. He's put posters up in his room and is begging me to make him a Weasley jumper for Christmas, and butter beer, and pumpkin juice, and cauldron cakes, and a Hogwarts uniform, and, and, and... And he'll probably get it all eventually, though maybe not in time for Christmas, because I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I'll get just as much joy out of making them as he will having them, if not more. In fact I already have the knitting patterns and recipes for most of his requests, as well as a crochet pattern for the famous Mrs Weasley cardigan for me! Because being called Mrs Weasley is just not enough, when you can look like her too!

But as much as I missed him, and was incredibly jealous of all the fabulous things he was up to, I had a rather lovely day Thursday too. Mr H's father had the day off work so he picked up K for the afternoon, giving me time on my own to listen to music and pour over the two 1950s knitting pattern pamphlets Mum sent me. My favourite is the bolero and matching 'Gretal cap' in fluffy angora, I'm going to have great fun knitting those up. It'll be like wearing kittens. In a non-scary Cruella DeVille way of course. Mr H and I even managed to fit in a romantic (early) dinner for two before the girls came home.  

Mrs H x

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