Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tip Top Treat

I seem to be getting my 50s groove back. Slowly. 

Sunday is always my grocery shopping day. I'd rather have Sundays off but if I time the shopping trip for the hour before the supermarket closes, I can pick up some amazing bargains. Today I managed to pick up four packets of jam doughnuts for just 36p, four cream cakes for 45p, two huge blocks of cheese for £3, three packets of bread rolls for 15p and several pounds of fruit and vegetables for £5. It does mean that it all has to be eaten up a bit quick before it turns but it's the only way I can feed (a very hungry) family of five for under £70 a week, without resorting to ready meals or frozen junk food.

So since I knew I needed to face the world today, I abandoned my sweatshirt and jeans combination that Mr H is such a fan of, and instead managed to pull together a vaguely 1950s look with a soft black and blue plaid flannel shirt, a denim tulip skirt, a wide black patent leather belt and a pair of fur topped black patent boots. It wasn't the most elegant ensemble but it was nice and snuggly, especially when I bundled a huge hot pink shawl/scarf  around my neck. (Yes, it was a bit of overkill and, yes, I did look a bit of a prat looking like I was heading for the Arctic whilst I was trudging through the freezer section, but did I mention I'm a complete wuss?)

From 'Hey My Mom Used To Make That'.

In honour of the monumental effort it took for me to get my backside off the sofa and out of jeans, I treated us all to a classic 50s pudding after dinner. A fruit flan! Made with a sponge base, canned fruit cocktail, orange jelly and served with Tip Top. Do you remember Tip Top? I always loved it and hadn't had it since I was a little girl when I used to visit Grandma H in Wales. She must have been a huge fan because I even have photographs of my father as a child sat at her dinner table eating it, along side his many siblings. I can't say it was as nice as I remember but D, S and K all seemed to enjoy it, asking for second and third portions until there was nothing left.

But for now I must go. Tonight I am watching the game with Mr H. I have bought beer, nachos and dip whilst Mr H is going to make the American football appear on the computer. Such fun. I'm such am Americanophile. (Which is so totally a word.) All I'm missing is one of those brilliant foam fingers. 

Mrs H x


  1. I'll send you a foam finger if you'll send me Christmas cookies.

    1. You're on! Gingerbread or chocolate chip?