Monday, 1 October 2012

Oooo For Me?

I'm so excited. Both Mum and Mr H have bought me presents today, just because. Ain't I a lucky girl?

Mr H has bought me a knitting pattern book called Vintage Gifts to Knit by Susan Crawford. And I am ridiculously excited! I love a really good Christmas jumper, or better still a really bad Christmas jumper, and I have coveted her Perfect Christmas Jumper for the longest time. I think it's just lovely. I love the cropped waist and the puffed shoulders and the bold vintage pattern and the hideous reindeer and the cute little buttons and and and... EVERYTHING! It's gorgeous! All I have to do now is buy the yarn and check that I have the right sized needles.

The Perfect Christmas jumper (back and front views)
From Vintage Gifts to Knit by Susan Crawford.

Whilst Mum bought me a handmade dress from a 1950s (style) sewing pattern AND gave me the pattern itself so I can make more. Yey!

Envelope for McCall 6503
(Not mine but an image from 

The dress that Mum gave me is view B with the short sleeves and cross-over bust She made it in a rather old fashioned pastel cotton print with crochet lace on the sleeves and on a little pocket she added to the front of the skirt. The fabric is a little old-fashioned and not my usual choice but it was made with D's 1940s school day trip in mind and actually it really suited me. I normally wear very bright colours (which are often so garish that they can melt eyeballs at twenty paces) because I think pastels and muted shades make me look pasty and ill. But clearly I was wrong. I can tell it's going to be a regular in my wardrobe and I think I'm going to go for subtle more often.


And by subtle, I mean subtle for me...

Mrs H x

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