Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sweet Samhain and Happy New Year!

I am super busy today. Today, whilst everyone else is celebrating Halloween, my family and I will be celebrating the Pagan holiday of Samhain, which, without getting into too much religious detail (you can find more details here if you're interested), is our New Year.

Samhain, the Wiccan New Year
(I'm afraid I can't remember where I got any of these photos from
but if you know, please tell me and I will gladly add credit.)

Although this is quite an important date in our calender, it will be a quiet affair for us this year. There are many Samhain traditions, many of which are shared with Halloween, like dressing up, carving turnips or pumpkins, lighting candles, bonfires and fortune telling that we won't be doing this year. But we will be doing the ones most important to us. We will be remembering the year that has gone, honour those we have lost and celebrate the year ahead.

In an ideal world we would throw a nice big party and invite all our Pagan and non-Pagan friends alike, but our house is far too small and our wallets far too empty. Instead we are simply dressing smartly and going out for a nice family meal, then when we come home I will hold a small ritual of remembrance. Next year, I am determined to make more of an effort and throw a party, even if it's just a little one. Any excuse to make a costume like the picture on the left below! That cloak is just fantastic, in fact I may just make it and wear it all winter...


(Again I'm afraid I don't know where I got these pictures from.)

We are also covering. It's not a common Pagan practice (or at least I didn't think it was but apparently it's a growing 'trend', see here) but we will be covering our heads as a mark of respect and humility too the deities and the importance of the occasion, as well as for more psycho-spiritual reasons that are likely to get me laughed at if I try to explain. Mr H and D are wearing hats (not indoors though because it would seem rude, whatever the reason for wearing them) whilst S, K and I are wearing headscarfs like the picture on the right above.    

I hope everyone has a fabulous Samhain, Halloween or even doing-nothing-and-eating-all-the-candy-myself-on-point-of-principle.

Happy New Year and Blessed Be to all of you.

Mrs H x

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